In a backroom deal, this surveillance camera was allowed to be installed on Children's Pool Beach to accommodate the radical animal rights agenda of the WAN organization. This organization, started by former California Coastal Commissioner Sara Wan, was given special permission to install this sophisticated camera to monitor and research seal behavior at Children's Pool in La Jolla. It's operation is completely unsupervised and has been misused to provide a tool of harassment to the Wan's political opponents all under the watchful approval of Mayor Bob Filner who "streamlined" the approval process without community input or authorization.

This camera can be panned, tilted and zoomed on anything or anyone in the general area and appears to be operated without regard for the privacy rights of residents living nearby and using the pool. The community has requested a review of the protocol for use of this camera if it is to continue to be used.

The camera is currently in storage while the old lifeguard tower at Children's Pool is demolished. There are plans to relocate the camera somewhere near Children's Pool soon. Mayor Bob Filner has authorized a payoff to the WAN's of $50,000 for the camera with a bogus plan to "monitor" the year round rope barrier now installed across a public beach.

For the connection to Mayor Filner and the San Diego seal cartel pushing for beach closure see the Sealcam Scam video on this site.

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