Rebecca Kiefer
August 4, 2013
NYU: Photography and Imaging
Project Statement: Personal Vision


Anything consumed in excess has dangerous repercussions. No matter how much you might enjoy it. No matter how harmless it may seem. This is because that satisfaction received from exercising that guilty pleasure is temporary. Because pleasure leads to cravings and cravings manifest into obsession, which is just down the street from addition.
Most people associate this ugly mindset with mind-altering substances like drugs or alcohol, but this is not always the case. Addiction is everywhere and whether or not you have personally experienced it, chances are someone close to you has. And that’s actually probably more difficult than being an addict yourself. Watching a person you used to love crumble before your eyes into this naked empty corpse of a person. They close you off. They are kept far away. Your parents cover your eyes to shelter your innocence from the malevolent truth, but little do they know your imagination creates conclusions far worse than what your loved one has actually experienced.
But if there is one thing you need to remember it is that addiction is reversible. You can restart, relapse, repeat and still always have a chance for revival.

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