TRICKING: The Freedom of Movement - feature length documentary


The film focuses on the art, people, places, history, craft and personal perspective of the fresh sport. My ultimate goal is to discover the progression of it's history, document the happenings in the tricking community, and spread this new phenomenon.

Shot On T2i, Red One, Red Epic
trt: 1hour 43minutes, 1080p

director, producer, cinematographer, editor
Isiah Flores

Music By:
Kyle Cordova
Anis Cheurfa
Graddy Burgen
Isiah Flores

Produced by
Isiah Flores
Chris Devera
Marques Mallare
Mike Maguire
Jason Mello
Anis Cheurfa
Travis Wong
Charlie Grenhart
Ed Boss
Isne Bobo Nuyent
Peter Rulon-Miller
Niko Kitaoka
Chris Balualua
Carmichael Simon

Shot On Location in,
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Berkeley, CA
Mountain View, CA
Twister Sports
Sanora, CA
Milpitas, CA - Loopkicks Tricker House
Los Angeles - White Lotus Closing Gathering
Los Angeles - Backyard Sesh
Los Angeles - JAM winter gathering
-Las Vegas, Nevada
-Palm Dessert - New Heights Gathering
-New York
Manhattan, Brooklyn, Far Rockaway Beach
Drednt Gathering, Grass Session
Denver - Red Rocks, Sessions

The film is a grassroots project, made with an out of pocket budget; a passion project. Tricking is a self expressive, enriching extreme sport / art that only requires your body. Fusing Martial Arts, Dance Elements, and Acrobatics; tricking is a culmination of the most creative human body movement; constantly challenging what is humanly possible. It takes place in a creative playground - to explore time and space, we simply jump off the ground, and express emotion and movement creatively.

The film examines the world phenomenon through our experience within the community, tricking gatherings and sessions around America, along with our very good friends, the Trickers.

The Bay Area in Northern California has been a growing Mecca for Tricking since its evolution from Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Dance, Film, and Video Games elements in the early 90's. The Bay Area is the home of one of the first Tricking teams, "Loopkicks". The group’s core lives and collaborates together under one roof, striving to explore, preserve, teach the passion and love in tricking. Team Loopkicks is known for its week-long Tricking Camp and Gathering every summer. The camp is open to all levels and is filled with hands-on workshops, training sessions and crazy fun, ending with an amazing night show. The team brings out some of the world’s most innovative and boundary breaking trickers to enhance the campers’ learning experience, and collaborate.

For the past year and a half, I've been traveling around the US to tricking gatherings, events, backyards, tricker collectives, tricker houses, and sessions collecting footage and interviewing a range of individuals ranging from the pioneers to the new comers to the top trickers.

I have had the privilege to witness the swift progression, instant global attention and evolving terminology that makes up what tricking is. It has created it’s own culture within the community and frequently crosses over due to the natural openness and positive approach trickers bring.

The tricking community is made up of some of the most open minded people I have ever met. When trickers meet, they share an honest playfulness. Some trickers have a background, whether it be with martial arts, rock climbing, dance, acting, skating, bmx bikes or kendama; some individuals jump right into it and learn Air Awareness quickly.

The constant growth of the Internet has been a huge catalyst in the growth of the sport. People share videos of a new trick and trickers from the other side of the globe upload their own personal version of the trick in a matter of hours. Tricking is even more impressive by the way it leaps over language barriers; as a silent film is universal and free of country binding characteristics. Tricking is universal and finite only to the joint constraints and limitations of the human body. -isiah flores

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