I never thought I would make a music video. But here I am. Two years ago this song came into my head when I was on the internet till 4 AM. I was taking voice lessons at the time and my voice teacher told me he knew a producer.
After an upset in my improv comedy life I decided to record this song. My producer, Barry Goldstein, put together the amazing 50 or so tracks you hear backing my vocals. I had a concept, melody and lyrics. But his production expertise to this song to a level I never could.
Once the song was recorded I knew it needed a video to go with it.
It has been a long journey. I had my first recording in July 2012 and finally released the video in July 2013.
People ask if I am a musician. I dont know. I like making music and making people laugh.
I will ass credits later. But for now. I'll list them here.
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/addicted-to-internet-single/id681586490
Spotify: play.spotify.com/album/11oCIeE2ZGrZtuz5I6pKCX


Addicted to the Internet
Music by Emily Newhouse,
Lyrics by Emily Newhouse, Barry Goldstein, Anthony Stanhope, and Doan Huang.
Excecutive produced by Anthony Stanhope
Produced by Barry Goldstein and Emily Newhouse
Additional Production by Doan Hoang
Mixed by Glenn Ianaro

Emily Newhouse
Artist, Concept, Performer, Executive Producer, Co-Producer, Costume & Props Designer, Artwork, Story, Storyboard

Doan Hoang
Director, Co-Producer, Editor, Colorist

Jalen Thompson
Associate Producer

Adam Weiss
Director of Photography

Emily Newhouse: An exaggerated version of herself
Rupert Campbell: her Cat
Jonathon Horton: her Date
Sketch comedy guy: David Errigo Jr.
Sketch comedy guy: David Hernandez
Ken Fury: Breakdancer/Rap Buddy

Roddy Kenedy
Cassie Nordgren
Caitlin McGee
Gregory Plunkett

Eric Lister
April Lavalle
Teresa Sheffield
Josh Garcia
Joel Arandia
Amy Eisenbach
Dan Dilmaghani

GAFFER: Mark Sherman
CAMERA: Cody Swanson
STYLIST: Jay Johnson
HAIR & MAKEUP: Phoenix
SFX: RIchard Lampansone
PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Jonathan Horton, Espartaco Albornoz

Filmed at Brooklyn Studios and Smithfield Bar
Lighting by CSI Lighting

Special thanks to Kealynn Kees, Michelle Castillo-Flores, Joseph Williams, Brandon Sanders, Chad Koch, Martin Schulman, Grant Jones, Douglas Widick, Robbie York
and YOU for watching.

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