It's all Action Horror film directed by Matthew Abaya

Release Summer 2014

Mahal is a young hunter on a quest to find the killer of her parents amid a war between cryptid hunters and the undead. When she confronts the killer, an aswang (self-segmenting Vampire from the Philippines), she is forced to question who and what she is.

Featuring: Kelly Lou Dennis, Aureen Almario, Scott Mathison, Arlene Boado, Roberto Divina, Jeffrey Lei, Daniel Miller, Alex Benjamin, Ken Shaw, Todd Lawrence, Ryan Liguid, LJ Moore, H.J. Day, Owen S

Cinematography by AJAPOPFILMS
Fight Choreography by Pierre Parker
Music from Cynical Mass
Special Effects Makeup by Melissa Capistrano
Makeup Roczane Enriquez, Jocelyn Jorge, Natalie Greco

Executive Producers
Roberto Divina
William Lee
Alan Kao
Felipe Niera

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