What could be more powerful than a single talented, captivating, beautiful female performer? Dozens of talented, captivating, beautiful female performers!! Welcome to the Ladybug Festival, a celebration of women in music brought to you by our good friends at Gable Music Ventures. Each summer, this annual event takes place in the venues and streets of downtown Wilmington Delaware, showcasing the best in female performance and weaving together a community of local musicians, crafts(wo)men, artists, restaurants, and pubs.
For more information or to find out about other exciting events, visit gablemusicventures.com
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A very special thanks to wonderful sponsors:
2nd & Loma
Downtown Visions

and also to:

Casale Construction
Ladies like Lifting
IVA Vocal Training

Featured Performances by:
Jessica Latshaw
Joy Ike
Angela Sheik
Nadjah Nicole
Suzie Brown
Noelle Picara
Nalani & Sarina
Ashley Leone
Chelsea Rae
Kira Alejandro
McKinley Short
Maggie Gibbard
Gina Degnars
Christa Blue
Katie Barbato
Sarah Fridrich
Brooke DiCaro
No Stringz Attached
Lauren Kuhne
Em McKeever
Sweet Soubrette
Jessica Graae
Prima Donna
Ginger Coyle

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