It's a love song, based on true story of a Rwandan girl ( her name is MUKAMUSONI, she was very cute and georgeous, she was faithful, she was polite, and when she went dancing in the clubs all the guys wanted to dance with her, but she refused saying "let me quiet I'm still a kid!) But in reality, she had a boyfriend with whom she had made a promise of love, but one day her boyfriend went to study abroad( USA) . The guy , before leaving he promised his girlfriend that he will return soon, and his girlfriend promised also that she will wait this guy.

But the guy when he came abroad, he married another girl!
while the Rwandan girl was waiting for her boyfriend left for abroad, the guy him, he married a foreign woman! thus abandoning and forgetting MUKAMUSONI the one he loved in Rwanda!
His girlfriend stayed in Rwanda continued to waiting for him without knowing that he has completely forgotten her in favor of a foreign woman (probably an european)
Mukamusoni waited so long for the return of her boyfriend, 18000 nights( 49 years)! The guy never came back to Rwanda and the girl was totally destroyed by grief for having waited so long!!!

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