Domestic waste glass (known as cullet) is easy to recycle. The UK currently recycles around 50% of container glass (like bottles and jars) and whilst this figure has doubled over the last five years it still lags behind other countries i.e. both Switzerland and Finland recycle more than 90% of their glass.

Glass is usually collected in 'bottle banks' at recycling centres or as part of our kerbside collection. However there is still more we can all do, such as remembering to recycle our clear jars (pasta sauce jars and jam jars) which are often forgotten.

The UK business sector still has a lot of work to do to recycle glass – bars, restaurants and pubs currently throw away 600,000 tonnes of glass every year, with most of it ending up in landfill.

Did you know? Recycling two bottles saves enough energy to boil enough water for five cups of tea!

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