Ayun, 2012 TFM Fellow was teaching Form 2 Mathematics class in SMK Jeram.
In this video, Ayun uses the concept of student teachers to conduct her Mathematics lesson. She identifies students that exemplify excellence in class then provide them with extra lessons before giving them the opportunity to conduct the lessons to their classmates under her observation.

At the end of the video, an interview is made with a student teacher on his opinion of this concept.

00:09 - E-2 (Teacher innovates lesson learning)
00:27 - P-2 (Teacher explains on her backward planning of lessons)
01:09 - W-2 & P-4 (Teacher discusses on usage of extra classes to differentiate learning)
01:58 - E-3 (Teacher taught students to check for understanding among their peers)
02:35 - E-2 (Teacher observes her student presents academic content)
03:01 - P-3 (Teacher explains on her design of lesson that allows win-win learning)
03:30 - I-5 (Teacher explains on instilling a sense of "fearless" in class)
03:45 - Teacher reminds students to ask question should any arises.
03:56 - Student's interview

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