Waitikubuli Trail Crossing
- 5 Days, 5 Stages
- 163 km
- 30,000 Feet of Gain
- Supported with water access, aid stations and most nights have beds in lodging areas. 1-2 nights of tent or hammock sleeping within forestry visitors center structures. very mild and breezy temps for a tropical location.
- Solo and Teams of Two or More
- No Technical or Navigation Skills Required

The One Run is the ultimate trail running competition. Set each year on a remote and unspoiled tropical island; the race gives runners the chance to take on some of the most dramatic and awe-inspiring landscapes on the planet, traveling through lush rainforests, up mist covered volcanic mountains, down deep canyons and gorges, through cool rivers and waterfalls, and along pristine beaches and rocky coastlines.

Unlike any race you’ve ever experienced, the One Run is a whole new breed of running race, combining elements of trail running, adventure racing and obstacle runs, but without the artificial challenges, and without the need for extensive gear or special skills.

Similar in format to other multi-day stage runs, the One Run goes beyond traditional stage races by challenging competitors at certain points to go beyond the trail, encountering parts of the Island that are rarely seen or visited. Getting to these points will not be easy, and there will be challenges that will test more than just physical endurance.

Along the way competitors will have a chance to discover the island’s hidden natural wonders and experience the island the way it was back in the days when pirates ruled the sea and stories of hidden treasure and cannibals instilled both fear and wonder in the hearts of all those who stepped foot on the island’s shores.

Join us in 2014. Connect with adventure.Connect with the island. Connect with the trail. Connect with one another.

To learn more "join the tribe" and subscribe at TheOneRun.com

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