Scene: dandelion rnd 0190 [0003-0722]

A test for a rotational force. Problem compared to linear forces is that you can't simply add the forces as the general force (gravity) will always point downwards. Even if the current force is directed also sideways, adding these forces over time will result in an ever growing y part of the force, bringing the movement to a stop.

That's the reason why the total force always needs to be rotated with the stem, so it points in the tangent direction. Unfortunately there seems to be a (force) leak and the movement will stop even without a damp force after a few swings. In this example there is no damp factor applied. So far I didn't implement the wind force in the rotational force.

Did anybody else experiment with forces which are supposed to rotate an object? Not sure if the strand framework and the strand forces are the way to go.

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