So...if you are an outdoor enthusiast like me, your poles probably go to the beach, sandy trails, gravel paths, dirt trails and through rain, mud and snow.

It's time someone had "the talk" with you.

You should keep the inside of your poles clean from oxidation and dirt so they can continue to reliably lock. I live in Florida now so my biggest issue is salt water residue when I finish walking on the beach. You've seen what happens to ship wrecks and bodies (too much CSI Miami!) in salt water? Well, imagine what it is doing to the inside of your poles!

Follow along with my Vimeo...have your poles with you when you watch. If you happen to be in a shop that sells hunting supplies (Walmart unless you boycott them) pick up a gun-cleaning brush kit and learn how to give your poles an internal exam and cleaning.

Before moving to Florida, I lived in Buffalo, NY and used my poles for snowshoeing...and snow turns to water so I would always take my poles apart and dry them out.

This isn't a security thing as much as a gear maintenance thing.
You don't put your tent away dirty or your muddy trail shoes in your closet.

And, you certainly don't forget to wipe off your nice expensive knife after eating something I did once.

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