Holy Carp! Films Presents

A Denver 48 Hour Film Project 2013

Genre - Horror
Character - Vergil or Vanna Gerbins (Aunt/Uncle)
Line of Dialogue - "Why don't you do it"
Prop - Apples

For those that do not know what the 48 hour film project is..

We are given a genre, of which we are to make a film, on Friday night at 6pm.
We then have to write a script, gather all props and costumes, shoot, edit, and turn in within 48 hours. Not easy, and not always fun. But it's one weekend a year you can gather all the people that you know, to make a film.

I've had this idea, to make a film, based loosely on a song by :Wumpscut: called "Womb". The song features the voice of an "unwanted child", saying it will be with you "for the rest of your miserable days" among other creepy things.

This film is not meant to say anything about abortion. I wanted to make a horror film about the haunting/possession of a young girl. There are many haunting stories of a wide range of ages, but not usually babies or infants.
No one has done an embryo haunting. Until now...

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