2013 Four Seasons

-Choreography : James Jeon
-Music : Johann Sebastian Bach, Alessandro Marcello, Vivaldi, Handel
-Time : 90min

Line of Life (Spring) / After the Rain(Summer) / Vivaldi(Fall) / Metempsychosis (Winter)

“Four Seasons" is a recent piece about the nature and the life, which was made by James Jeon, the resident choreographer of Seoul Ballet Theatre. Each season shows different themes and perspectives with various music, such as Bach(Spring), Alessandro Marcello(Summer), Vivaldi(Fall), and Handel(Winter).
"Spring-Line of Life" shows the vitality of spring, "Summer-After the Rain" remarks vast field with green
grass. "Fall-Song of the Wind" tells about coincidence and separation between men and women. "Winter-Metempsychosis" is a story about the life and another life after death with a wishful prospect.

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