PROTEASER™ is back with the spirit of adventure. Get ready to take your audience on an epic journey with 6 new teaser trailers for Final Cut Pro X. Hype up your next film with PROTEASER Volume 8 from Pixel Film Studios™. Take your audience into a world of giants, dinosaurs, or demi-gods in the click of a mouse. PROTEASER™'s text are pre-animated and can be customized in the FCPX Inspector.

Colossal Killer Theme

The giants have grown hungry and are beginning to venture into our realm in search of food. It is up to Jake to protect his farm and family. He must become... The Colossal Killer.

Create a family-fun adventure in your next FCPX project with the Colossal Killer Theme. Control the color of the sky, mountain and clouds, along with the text and font without ever having to open another software.

Day of the Dinosaur Theme

Take a walk with a different kind of giant with Day of the Dinosaur Theme included in PROTEASER™ Volume 8.

Control the color, flare, background map image, text and font of this theme to work with your movie in Final Cut Pro X.

Future Cop Theme

In a not too distant future, our criminal justice system has been over run and our cities are in a state of decay. We need a new type of police. We need... Future Cop.

Customize the background texture, filter, flare color, text and font to make the Future Cop fit your theme in FCPX.

Star Quest Theme

From the edge of the galaxy to the center of the solar system, explore where no man has gone before with the Star Quest Theme.

Customize the color, background, text, and font all inside FCPX without ever having to open another software package.

The Demi Gods

He is half man, half god, but the only hope for humanity's survival. He is the Demi God.

Create an epic, ominous scene with the Demi God Theme in Final Cut Pro X. Use the controls in the FCPX Inspector to customize the color, font, text and lens flare.

The Final Stand

Fight to the bitter end with the Final Stand Theme included in PROTEASER™ Volume 8 for Final Cut Pro X.

Control the lens flare, font and color in FCPX to create an epic action-adventure look in your next movie project.

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