Client: Welsh Rugby Union

Agency: Golley Slater

Director: Mainframe

Sound Design: SNK Audio

The featured main sequence of this project is part of much larger set of deliverables, the creation of all screen GFX for Welsh Rugby Union games held at the Millennium Stadium.

For the character animation we utilised the motion capture stage at Centroid, one of europe's largest motion capture stages. The action was choreographed in storyboards before we enlisted the help of a semi-professional player to act them out.

The characters are made up of dynamic shards taken from the shape of the WRU logo. To achieve this a custom hair system was created in Maya using Python and Python API which allowed the shards to grow on the surface of the characters and react to dynamic fields. Due to the large volume of shards required in each scene, (around 60,000), a number of other tools were also created to allow artists to work with the characters in viewport. For shots where collisions had to take place another Python tool was required.

The Excellent sound design from the guys at SNK has recently won the award for Best use of sound design in a Branding or Title Sequence at the inaugural Music and Sound Awards.

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