443 the sower
SECTION 1: SEEDS. Seeds are very delicate on one hand. They have to be planted at just the right depth. The seed needs proper soil to grow. The seed needs proper sun light and nutrients to grow. Or it will die or produce horrible fruit. Seeds are very strong on another hand. Seeds can be dormant for 2000 years. Be discovered in a cave, planted in good soil and produce a tree that yields good fruit. The reason this can be done is because Yehovah put the DNA in the seed until just the right time. The right time is when it gets planted in good soil and given the right amount of living water. Above all else the seed needs the proper amount of SONlight to live and give good fruit. The first section of the message will focus on the good and the bad when it comes to seeds.
SECTION 2: Children are a gift from Yehovah. Now that we have taken the time to study about seeds. We will now look at ourselves as seeds and our seeds, the children. We will look at what happens when we are given proper nutrients and when we are not. We will look at cultivating good seeds. We will look at Yehovah’s kind of discipline and guidance.
SECTION 3: satan is after our children and we are asleep. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it says satan. satan is going after our seeds. There is an all out war and 99% of the body is asleep. We are now dealing with the bitter fruit of lawlessness. We will look at today’s news headlines that fulfill the prophecies written to us from the profit Amos. We will get a firsthand look at how the body is sick and in need of the Great Physician. The Great physician will give us a prescription for the medicine we desperately need to live. But, the only way this medicine works is if we take it as the doctor orders us to.

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