"Bodies" explores the broad, complex, and divisive concept of body image, and asks why some people are perpetually unhappy with their bodies, while others are totally comfortable in their own skin. What cultural and social forces shape our collective ideas of the "perfect body," and at what point do we have to look beyond our outward appearance to consider our long-term physical and emotional health?

Broadcast Education Association award-winning director Jordan Currier ("Disciples", "A Little Child Shall Lead Them") sits down with a transgendered man, two formerly obese women who chose two different paths to weight loss, a genetically thin 20-something college girl, gay "bears", and a world-renown expert in weight management in a film that aims to look beyond what are ultimately mere shells but which determine so much of our happiness: our BODIES.

Coming soon to vimeo.com/four37productions

Four37 Productions Presents
Filmed, Edited, and Directed by Jordan Currier
Executive Produced by James Levine
Produced by Jacob Woolsey and Ariella Levine

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