This is my feature film directorial debut. The project was a lifelong dream of two comic book fanatics (Milo Miller co-writer, co-producer) We spent three years writing it. I spent a year storyboarding. We shot for a year and then posted for a year.

It was filmed in Cleveland on a very humble budget, and has had the good fortune of showing in festivals all over the world including Montreal's Fantasia, New York Comic Con, Cleveland International, and Santa Fe. It will be among ten films from around the globe to screen at this year's Fantastic Planet in Sydney Australia.

It's been a life changing project. I was a musician/audio engineer when that shooting began, I now direct, shoot and edit for a living - big love for this generous talented cast and crew.

David, a struggling comic book creator from Cleveland, spends his days cutting grass and his nights smoking it while desperately trying to keep his superhero fantasies alive. When Robyn, his aspiring fashion-designer girlfriend, makes him a Halloween costume of his original character Apama, it doesn't take David long to hit the streets and begin blundering towards disaster.

This comic book Don Quixote is characterized by surreal flourishes, mixing dream, fantasy, and flashbacks that borrow as much from the art house as the comic shop. A midnight movie for superhero fans.

Directed by Ted Sikora
Written by Milo Miller & Ted Sikora
Produced by Milo Miller & Ted Sikora

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