Invictus Motion Comic presentation: the latest work for a Motion Comic promo we are developing for Antonio Ramirez.
08/13/13- Fully edited movie, includes all revised scenes, titles, final audio (including music, VO & SFX). A presentation like this can be used to help launch a new comic, sell a script, or promote anything you want on crowdsourcing sites.
Invictus is directed by Joe Matamales, who's been an Animation Director for 18 years. Joe specializing in motion comics, animatics, previs and other ventures. He has directed thousands of animated assignments for advertising agencies and entertainment companies. He is a master visual storyteller experienced in bringing scripts, comic books and storyboards to life.
If you are interested in the comic book you can contact Antonio Ramirez at
If you want to see more of Joe's work you can start by visiting his BFD Animation Studio You Tube Channel-
Thanks for watching.

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