On Wednesday 29 of August 2012 the Ulstein Group launched the international sensation “Ulstein Bridge Vision” at the large oil and energy trade fair ONS in Stavanger. The shipyard and industrial group have worked with the development of the concept since 2009. It all started when Ulstein received start-up grants for idea development from the Design-driven Innovation Programme (DIP).

Starring (in order of appearance): Deputy/CEO Tore Ulstein, Ulstein Group, President Tor E. Svendsen, DNV Maritime and Oil & Gas, Assistant Professor Kjetil Nordby, AHO Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Director R&D and Innovation Programmes Skule Storheill, Norwegian Design Council, Bridge Manager Arne Ove Rødstøl, Ulstein Group, Project Manager Per Ivar Roald, Ulstein Group, Exectutive Director Anne Kjersti Fahlvik, The Research Council of Norway.

Animation/stills: Frost Media/4 grader, AHO Oslo School of Architecture and Design and Govertsen Film.

Duration 8 minutes and 25 seconds. Produced by Govertsen Film for Norwegian Design Council.

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