Going Out A Winner 07/27/13 weekend

vs Sabres
vs Abilene Blue Sox - HR Game
vs Abilene Blue Sox

Dallas Patriots - Last Tournament of his 14u Select Season. Jalen was all WORLD in this one, as every at bat, every play he was getting the job done. Teams continued to try to go after him and he continued to drive in runs, steal bases and make them pay. The cheers at the end 3rd game [from Abilene Blue Sox] is the same team that he destroyed the day before, so foul balls for outs were a big deal to them.. ~so it seems.
His HR went about 25ft past the fence [look in the air when outfielder runs into the fence].. What a NICE bomb. Great moment and Proud Parents.. Great Job Jalen, Great hits and nice HR..

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