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You are watching the 1st Forum Wide Event since the forum move! The Disney Musical Event ^^ Thanks to everyone's hard efforts and co-operation, Part 1 consisting 3 songs from Mulan and Aladdin, has been hugely successful and not only been fresh thing to do but also been a lot of fun for us all! Thanks to all our creative boys and girls for trying about voice dubbing too!! Please do watch out for the rest of the Disney releases which should not be long from now. ^_^
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Uploaded time: November 10, 2011 3:10 PM
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Dislikes: 58
Comments: 130
Video URL: youtu.be/eeLuy-GvgyA
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Please do not reupload any part of this video without credit us properly. Thanks for your understanding ^___^

Manager: Cherrii321

♬SONG: Honour to us all
Mixer: Sasisl
** Special thanks to Sasisl for volunteering and putting her hand up to help out in mixing, she did a superb job! ^^
ChaeKyon, Sasisl, Amy, Warlygal, Piggymelody, Cutesmile25, Yande, Fowlergirl, RavenWinguard
BONUS: 4shared.com/audio/kE_yd9md/Disney_Musical_HONOR_TO_US_ALL.html?
(This is the A Capella track Ceci has kindly offered us, here you can hear the beautiful harmonies so much more clearly without original backing, definately worth a listen or two!)

♬SONG: Reflection (Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese)
Mixer: Cherrii321
Agitjob, Cherrii321, MzDreamii, Icykisses, Pinayrockergirl, Chaekyon, Purplemistz, Chibiciz

Manager: bbxcandy501

♬SONG: A Whole New World
Mixer: MzDreamii
Raigel9elise, Sakisaki91, bbxcandy501, Kaoruhyung, iwatermelonx, charlesdarwincdavid, giinnnzz, xXJanice011Xx


Intro/End constants: ReminiscentMelodies
Song Introductory Banners/Graphics Designing: ChaeKyon
Instrumentals supplied by: Fowlergirl
Video producer: Cherrii321

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