Excerpts from US Congressman James Lankford of Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District ‘Tuesday Talk’ on the topic of ‘Surveillance.’ To put context to this for those who are not informed – Oklahoma is the only state in the country to have not a single county that voted for President Obama. Granted some of these people might actually be conservatives who are very Pro US Constitution, but you add the element of it being the Obama Administration at the helm with the recent revelations of how far reaching the ‘Surveillance State’ has become and this is the result. That is my opinion and/or interpretation of this. If it was the Bush Administration still holding office you probably wouldn’t see these folks so vocal in opposition to Bush Administration policies and grilling Representative Lankford about whatever appearance there is that he hasn’t taken a stronger stand against these policies.

For me personally, it was highly entertaining to see these Okies get so super fired up over ‘Surveillance’ and take Representative Lankford to task over whatever lack of support for Upholding the Constitution that they perceive he has shown. Good times! I only wish they might be less partisan in their support for Civil Liberties, but it’s something at least.

I have the entire community forum recorded and it’s more or less a tirade against anything perceived to be policy of the Obama Administration. Some of their issues I might agree with, but overall it’s sort of sad to me that the only thing they seem to really care about is railing against the Obama Administration. Not that I’m a huge fan of Obama either for that matter. I might have a really skewed perspective at this point and should possibly be more appreciative that anything finally gets these people upset about the ‘Surveillance State.’

This will never be a place I consider ‘home’ regardless at this point….

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