This is a video of a very basic introductory demo for viewing realistic human scans on the Rift. Contains Nude content.

In this example it’s a relaxation environment. A place to escape, with relaxing sounds and visuals to allow us to explore the human form in peace (with a few hidden easter eggs!)

Not a professionally built demo by any standards but fun, so there will be bugs and it might run slowly on some machines but it runs over 70fps here. Please let me know about any bugs or speed problems you might find.

This demo has been designed purely for the Rift. To really experience the sense of scale and character presence, it should be viewed in VR (true 3D)

If you share this demo, blog about it or record any video footage, please be as respectful as you can about the person that was scanned for this demo. Although it's a saucy pose, the intent is to be creative! not crude.

You can find more information and the demo download on -

The video was recorded at 1280x800, so make sure to set your screen resolution to this. Recording at HD was giving below 60fps, even this video has some judder. The demo however should run smoothly if you have a fast machine.

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