Can a nation be saved in a day? A country changed in a moment? The ancient prophet Isaiah asked this bold question nearly 3,000 years ago. And now, this audacious question has been answered.

In late 2011, President Lobo-Sosa of Honduras signed a resolution declaring 1Nation1Day a national holiday. He also gave legal authorization and full support for every 1Nation1Day initiative. Including free access to the 18 largest stadiums in all 18 states of Honduras.

Because of this, the 1nation1Day team decided to strategically place 18 teams across the nation. Our goal was to reach every person in every state. This was an enormous challenge. In order to have face-to-face interaction with every person in Honduras, we would have to assemble the largest missions team in History. Guess what? We did.

Over 2,000 missionaries and translators infiltrated every high school in the entire nation. With dramas, one on one prayer and a school-wide call to salvation, we knew that if we were going to change a nation, we would have to start with a generation. Over the course of the week our 1Nation1Day team inspired over 253,000 students to pursue their dreams and follow Jesus.

In the same week, we mobilized hundreds of doctors, dentists, and medical professionals to provide free medical care and medicine to those living in extreme poverty. This group of dedicated people worked hard throughout the week to bring life saving aid and spiritual healing to people in need.

Along with the medical aid, we also distributed over 2 million meals to over 266,000 impoverished families. Along with the meals the one nation one-day team partnered with Samaritans Feet and distributed 110,000 pairs of shoes to needy children.

In order to ensure lasting impact and sustainable discipleship, we worked in cooperation with virtually every local pastor in Honduras. 23,000 pastors and leaders gathered in the largest cities for training events with some of the world's most influential church leaders like: Tommy Barnett, John Bevere, Kari Jobe and Myles Munroe.

In addition to the pastor’s conference, 1,000 of the most influential state and national political leaders, including President Lobo-Sosa, gathered in the capital city of Tegucigalpa to attend our 1Nation1Day political conference.

All of these events and this historic week long campaign culminated into one groundbreaking moment that changed the entire nation. On Saturday, July 20 487,000 people gathered across 18 different cities, in the 18 largest stadiums, as the message of the gospel resonated throughout the country. Millions watched or listened on live TV as it aired on every national Honduran station and streamed on over 37 radio stations to witness a country’s transformation. And the following morning, the front page of all four Honduran national newspapers read, “We have a New Honduras.”

Can a Nation be Saved in Day? Yes. It can.

One Nation. One Day.

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