Toledo Mutual Trust is pleased to announce the resurrection of America's Longest Running Animated Nature Show, The Natural Look. Originally created as a tax shelter for the Toledo Mutual Trust Board of Directors, the show quickly eclipsed it's original purpose and became a cherished Sunday evening ritual for millions of dedicated viewers.

The frequent creative clashes between the show's host/executive producer Hennessy Rhodes and Toledo Mutual Trust CEO J.W. Rudolph are now a thing of Hollywood legend and eventually led to the show being put on indefinite hiatus for over 40 years. Their long-standing grudge was finally put to rest with the late Mr. Rudolph and the show has been dusted off to inspire another generation of adventurers.

So without further delay, strap on your pith helmets and enjoy our Inaugural Installment, "The First Robin of Spring."

Prepare for adventure in your own backyard!

Executive Producer: Hennessy Rhodes
Written and Animated by Matthew K.
Sound Design by David Papa
Music by Brian Goodheart

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