First a little introduction: Our name is The Danish String Quartet. Generally we are considered one of the strongest upcoming young classical groups, and we tour all over Europe and The States, regularly playing in New York and London. But what many people don't know is that we have a dark side: After concerts, we like to sit down and play some traditional folk music. We grab our fiddles and exchange the old tunes and improvise together. Maybe enjoying a beer in the process.
One day we got the idea of arranging some of these tunes and bring them into our classical concerts as encores. The core repertoire of the concert would still be Beethoven and Brahms, but at the end of the show we would fool around with some of our folk music. The audience seamed to love it, and the folk music encores became one of our trademarks.

Ever since, the idea of recording an entire album with our folk music has been brewing. During the years we have collected material, making more and better arrangements and generally just worked on making a classical string quartet work as a folk music band. (The classical boys has to learn to do the swing and feel the groove).

We feel we are ready now and we are super excited to go into the recording studio to make a unique album: Traditional Nordic folk music played by a string quartet. A string quartet has an amazing sound and feel, and we find that we can present an exciting new take on some magic old tunes and thus produce a cd that will hit most people, folkies and everyone else, directly in the soul. It is going to be an album full of magic, groove, beauty, longing, melancholy, tight chopping and fast fingers flying around on the violins.

With your help we can realize our dream - to tell the stories of our Scandinavian roots in a rarely heard language - the language of a string quartet; we can bring this great music out to the world.

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