In this film we catch up with Rebecca Molloy founder of the collective REPRE to find out about her new body of work. During the Repre residency, Rebecca has been working on two large-scale paintings that challenge and question representational painting. In her latest painting which is part of her new series, the focus has been placed on the structure of the painting itself, the negative space around the figures has become equally as important as the figures, juxtaposing the nudes alongside palm trees, sun loungers and smaller figures to create a distortion of scale and perspective. Her hope is to create absurd, dynamic paintings that challenge our ideas and perceptions of reality and create new invented and imagined spaces. Watch this film to hear her talk about the new series and find out more about her innovative process of painting on Perspex.

Part of DegreeArt TV - insightful interviews and tips on contemporary art

Edited by Dan Johnson

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