Style was were looking to make a big splash, and to craft an image that truly lived up to the promise in their name.

We took our initial inspiration from something in the original brief: seeing the world through a 'style-filter' and we channeled it into the idea of illustrating how a style-obsessed mind works. We tried to visualize that process and illustrate that mindset.

Client: Style
Studio: Gretel
Exectuive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Creative Director: Ryan Moore
Producer: Ryan McLaughlin
Art Director: Kiffer Keegan
Design: Ryan Moore, Kiffer Keegan, Carl Burton, Dylan Mulvaney, Danny Ruiz, Naomie Ross, Sarah Ancalmo
Animation: AJ Kolb, Marco Giampaolo, Carl Burton, Irene Park, Bryan Cobonpue, Chris Linea
Edit: Eron Otcasek

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