My latest generative experiment. This video is created entirely by code. The shapes are made with the help of the java framework Creative Computing. It is rendered using the open source java renderer Sunflow.

I am playing with the contrast between static generative terrains and fluid isosurfaces. Sometimes the fluid surfaces are only visible by mirroring the static terrains.

Since the rendering took three weeks I was not able to improve the camera movement. This video is a fight between images in my head and my ability to put it into code and furthermore saying to sunflow : "Please hurry up". So there is a lot left to improve the workflow.

Libraries used:

Creative Computing:

Tracks used:
Machinefabriek - Melodica, reverb box
Ben Frost - O God Protect Me
BEAK> - Barrow Gurney

This video is part of the We Are ChopChop artist group. ( )

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