A few weeks ago, two of my dearest friends asked me to read this at their wedding ceremony. I was honored and accepted before I even knew what I was going to read.

This poem and the song behind it, The Cinematic Orchestra's "To Build a Home", have been playing non-stop in my mind for the last few days.

Mila, my youngest and a boxer-bulldog, is going to get an ultrasound this afternoon so we can get a closer look at her kidneys and organs after having kidney enzyme levels almost ten times what they're suppose to be.

Each day she's been getting better. She's been showing interests in food and can keep it down with the help of medication, wags her tail will the same furious amount of love, and will fall into my lap for snuggles when her brother, Marley the yorkshire terrier, and I come to visit. This morning she ate a half a can of special kidney food which is more than she's eaten in the last six days.

She's a figther, a super hero, and my miracle.

Thanks for all the love, good thoughts, and great vibes. If we could continue to focus on her recovery, I would really appreciate it.

Here's a link to the poem, too:

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