This video was made after Flo Kat and Nate Stephens went on a 2.5 week trip to the western half of the U.S. All footage was taken during that trip. The Northern Falls is an alternative/post-rock band from Chicago Illinois. Is This a Sign, the fist single released by The Northern Falls, was recorded and produced during the summer of 2013. Keep an eye out for new material!

Love is like a beach tree's leaves,
Strong enough to hold through winter's breeze,
Ready to let go when the new leaves come,
May I never write another love song.
May I never write another love song.

Stop time, its gone too fast,
And I'm not fine, I flew into this pane of glass here,
You drank the wine we'd be saving,
For the past year
Is this a sign?

Is this a sign?

released 16 August 2013
Songwriting: Flo Kat and Nate Stephens
Flo Kat: Vocals, Melodica, lyrics
Nate Stephens: Piano, Guitar, Bass
Justin Peters: Drums, Percussion

Recorded at The Office Batavia
Produced by Nate Stephens and Flo Kat
Tracked/Mixed by Nate Stephens

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