As the centuries pass, it's more important than ever to value our industrial heritage and the place that its former buildings have in shaping our identity. When an old mill burns, a treasured part of our skyline is lost forever.

The footage in this clip depicts one of numerous arson attacks or accidental fires which have hit the beautiful but decaying Dalton Mills, in Keighley. At the time it was built, the surrounding town was one of the busiest and wealthiest in Yorkshire. All of the new buildings were ornate and worthy of a town of such riches and prestige, reflecting the strong sense of civic pride that had developed in the area. Today much of Dalton Mills lies in a decrepit but breathtaking state and still retains a sense of sad majesty as the structure begins to fall apart in old age.

If you'd like to know more, have a look at this image set I posted on Flickr when exploring Dalton Mills in 2011:

Fun fact: this footage was shot entirely on an iPhone, simply because it was the only recording device available to me at the time! Post-production was performed mainly in Adobe After Effects for monochrome conversion and reduction in speed. A Twixtor plugin slowed the video down to 20 percent of its original playout rate, which was shot at the iPhone's native resolution of 1080p and 29.97 frames per second. A canvas resolution of 720p was then created in Adobe Premiere and certain sections of video were held at their original size, in order to give a closer view without losing quality.

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