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GILGAMESH is a four piece blackened deathmetal combo from Munich, Bavaria. Founded in fall of 2011, the band combines atmospheric elements of (melodic) black metal with massive blastbeat dominated death metal riffing to create an unique wall of sound. Their Debutalbum will be released in early 2014.


Spawned from the orcus they are rising

the shield of the ancient scrolls was shattered by their blast

the hordes of the underworld unleashed in madness

hear the wind yells their battlecry


Concealed since the origin of time

anger grew up to dimensions of hate

an army runs over the land

brings bloodshed and death

Born from blazing fire

the golden era of chaos will be back again

once doomed to be frozen in darkness forever

tomorrow we be a reign of havoc and demise

For aeons chained

in the depth of seas

the titans are evoked

free of never ending pressure

they crusade for domination


Suffer atrocities and imposition


the existence of our brothers

we force into the ocean

They´re lost in a veil of desolation

for Aeons of Hate

Into the orcus they are banished

a cage of frost will seal their disgrace forevermore

the gate of the tartaros is locked by the tides now

in total silence you may hear their horrid mourn

For aeons chained

in the depth of seas

the titans were evoked

their fate is never ending pressure

they are lost in the black chamber


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