Where I fulfill my promise and create my Bee Incense right before your very eyes! See also Hive Diaries Part 4: vimeo.com/65783089

This video was created as part of a course module for the College of the Melissae, the Centre for Sacred Beekeeping. If you are interested in learning more about Sacred Beekeeping, or even just beekeeping in general, please visit the College's website: collegeofthemelissae.com/

The Bee Incense Recipe:
All materials are expressed in “parts” to allow you to control the amount of product produced. For example: If you are using weight as the “part measure”, using one ounce = one part creates about a 10-15 cm round by 1 cm thick batch of incense. You can also measure by amounts (cups or tablespoons for example).

-½ to 1 part Honey
-1 part Beeswax
-3/4 parts Resins, quite finely ground (frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, etc, your pick of one or a combination)
-1/2 part total Herbs & Bee Pollen (lavender flowers, rose petals, calendula petals, red clover, sweet melissa are all good options, these do not need to be ground up just break them up a little if they are quite large petals)
-Melissa essential oil (optional, as many drops as you wish)
-Wax paper (to put the resulting incense mixture on)
-Wooden stick for stirring, don’t use metal (Hint: Use a clean disposable chopstick so you can compost it later)

1. In a double boiler, or a glass measuring cup set into a pot filled with 1 inch of water, melt wax completely. (Hint: grate the wax first before putting it in the pot)
2. Once wax is melted, add resins and stir, keeping the heat on it. You will find that the resins will cool the wax and you will get lumps, so stirring reheats and dissolves resins into the wax.
3. Add honey and stir until everything liquefies again.
4. When all is warmed up again and quite liquid, add herbs and pollen a handful at a time and stir to blend well. Keep adding until all herbs and pollen are in the pot.
5. Add your essential oil if you are using it and stir well.
6. Take the warm mixture of the heat and empty it onto a sheet of wax paper. Spread it out to about a 1/2 inch thickness.
7. Let this cool completely. You can peel it off the wax paper once it cools and flip it over to speed curing time.

Let the incense cure for at least one week. The longer it sits, the better it will smell. The consistency will be unlike other loose incenses - very sticky. You can break it up into smaller pieces when you are ready to burn it. This incense is meant to be burnt using charcoal tablets set into a dish of sand or salt.

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