My church and I recently returned from Arizona after spending a week on the Navajo Reservation. We spent much of our time renovating the homes of local residents who could no longer physically or financially take on these projects. It was a humbling experience and we had the opportunity to interact with some incredible people - and while it was a lot hard work it was also a great bonding and healing experience for many.

Along the way my brother and I (and many others) brought our camera in the hopes of capturing the spirit of Sierra Service Project. This short compilation of clips hopefully depicts the enjoyable experience I was lucky enough to attend one final time before college.

Thanks to everyone who provided us with their footage and a huge thank you to the people and staff that take their time to organize and execute this fantastic program. (Particularly our staff in Tsaile!)

If you would like more information on what SSP is about the official website can be visited here -

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