some personal work i recently photographed in a forested area in the middle of a small stream. the theme is religiously influenced, in particular by a few different religions namely: christianity, hinduism, traditional west african religions; as well as new world religions such as cumfa and santeria.

the central concept that connects all these religions within the context of this photoshoot is water. water being important in baptism, hindus regarding the ganges as a sacred river as well as using the theertha kalasam (brass jug) for holding liquids in religious ceremonies. moreover, cumfa and santeria practitioners setting out glasses of water in their homes etc. within these religions water functions as a cleansing agent or a bridge between the old self and rebirth. etc

there are also other elements incorporated into these images such as modern dance, fashion. and some good old chinese lanterns, hanging from trees in the forest: yes! of course this happens naturally in nature. *smile*

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