I was hired by Benuts VFX in Belguim to Sequence Supervise a key scene for the HBO / BBC series Parades End.

The scene involved an explosion in slow motion where the main character played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who goes into a short ethereal state when thrown up into the air by the explosion. I worked closely with the show VFX supervisor at Benuts to design the sequence. I went for a non CGI approach and used tons of elements of mud, objects, smoke etc and used optical flow to retime them before compositing into the blue screen shot. I also added optic effects and a virtual camera to give that dreamy rotation effect.

All the plates for the explosion sequence were provided as bluescreen 2K plates. I handled all the compositing for the shots featured here, and also supervised the other compositors who worked on the other shots for the sequence.

I also worked on a Painting coming to life shot which is featured in the last shot here. I took the Matte painters PSD file and then layered it in Nuke and created the animation of the train moving, the search lights, smoke and fire in windows and the overall look of the shot.

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