RAW video test shooting in low light.
Raw video on the 5D Mark III give you the most cinematic image quality available in video mode and far better than native Canon video mode.
Color grading using DNG files is amazing and you can recover image shooting under or over exposed.
For recording in RAW format you need firmware Magic Lantern that is an open source software that add new features to the Canon DSLR:
- RAW video recording
- Focus peaking
- Zebras
- Faster continuous shooting
- Timelapse intervalometer
- Anamorphic aspect ratio
- and more features

RAW video offers better image quality and increased creative control.

Test 2 of 3

Camera: Canon 5D MARK III
Lens: Canon 24-105 f.4
Firmware: Magic Lantern
Grading: Camera Raw AE and Edius 6.5

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