It’s a pretty simple equation, really. Love is about two souls finding each other in a vast sea of multiplicity and intricacy. It’s the common ground that binds people together. Love makes grandeur and extravagance irrelevant. Indeed, no amount of material wealth can ever amount to the simplicity and sincerity of true love.

For Dennis and Cherrie, this is how real and simple love gets. Being part of an entrepreneurial family with political inclination, Dennis could’ve used any car he wanted for his wedding. He could’ve easily afforded to have a luxury car transport for his bride for their wedding. But no. Dennis – humble as he is – opted to take a cab. It could’ve been very easy to orchestrate a grand wedding as money wasn’t an issue. But marriage isn’t really about opulence – it’s about celebrating love.

That’s not to say, though, that the wedding wasn’t something to write home about. The event was immensely successful, owning hugely to the fact that the groom was really hands-on and attended to all facets of the wedding. As they say, one of the measures of the husband’s love for his wife is the quality of service he gives her. We might’ve just taken a sneak peek into their life as husband and wife. Dennis and Cherrie, you are blessed to have each other.

Spectacular was one of the words we heard during the wedding. And we just couldn’t agree more. With so much heart and dedication that the wedding suppliers have poured into this event, it isn’t surprising that Dennis and Cherrie’s wedding turned so wonderfully; from start to finish, and from the biggest to the tiniest details. Congratulations to my fellow wedding suppliers, we did great!

To Dennis and Cherrie; you are proof that, when love is in the equation, materials things become immaterial. We are truly honored to have witnessed the start of your new journey, and captured your wonderful memories that – we’re sure – will last a lifetime. Stay humble, stay in love, and may you both continue to celebrate your love for each other all the days of your life as husband and wife. Best wishes! -- The Digital Eye

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