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Stunning is the first word that comes to mind when describing the landscape in Australia. From the dense rainforests to the swooping green valleys that lead to wide open sandy beaches and rocky coves, there is plenty to set your sights on. In between surfs we found our eyes drawn to the natural beauty surrounding us and spent a day exploring the coast. First stop was the rainforest which was nothing short of amazing. So clean, crisp and lush you could feel it in every breath. Although rainforest’s only cover 6 % of the earths surface, they are responsible for up to 40% of the earths oxygen supply and more than two thirds of the worlds plant species are found in tropical rainforests. They have been called the “jewel of the earth’ and after spending an afternoon there it is obvious how one could draw that conclusion. After a cool drink from one of the many fresh water streams we headed back down to the beaches to have a look around. There is so much to see and so many places to surf that one could drive themselves mad just thinking of all the possibilities. It was refreshing to see some untouched coastline with no signs of human destruction or intervention. No cigarette butts, coffee cups, cans or plastic just pure ocean and sand. We made it a point to pick up at least one piece of trash everyday from each beach we visited but for once we were left empty handed. Coming from California this was hard to comprehend after so much rain and swell that the sand was still pure and garbage free, the way it should be.


WAY OF THE OCEAN is a definitive look at wave riding in the current state of our worlds oceans. Follow the worlds best surfers around the globe in a five part DVD series exploring all the natural wonders of our mother ocean. The salt water gives life and energy to all on a daily basis, the time to restore and preserve our oceans is now.

In theaters Fall 2010


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