Entry for the 'Summer in' competition run by Neumann Films.

I wanted to go for the contrast between the 'epic' landscape type shot and the intimacy of family camping which we feel is by far the best way to experience nature.

Also wanted to proof, to myself, it is possible to work with both animals and children, however you need unlimited patience and you must have absolutely no schedule!! perfect for Ireland ;)

All shot on 60D, mainly with 17-40 USM L, but also some Zeiss and Pentagon glass used and a sigma for the long shots of the boats. Fluid head, glidecam also got a little use, but this was combined with alot of handheld shooting to give that more intimate feel (and in truth family holidays are not conducive to hauling around loads of equipment ;P)

Custom map - goo.gl/maps/RqjVf

Music Credit

Summer in 2 of 5 - Luke Neumann
Summer in 5 of 5 - Luke Neumann

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