The Oakland, CA office of Onyx Group commissioned Maraizon to develop an informational DVD for CAMOUT (Combined-Arms Military Operations in Urban Terrain), MAGTFTC MCAGCC, Twentynine Palms, CA.

The proposed facility comprises some 450 acres, so part of the challenge was to simulate a large area without letting the viewer get lost or disoriented in the process. To stay within budget, keep the length of the video to manageable levels, and to complete the project in a timely manner, Maraizon developed a strategy which involved orbiting the site at high level, periodically moving in for close level views of the project's key features.

One of the biggest concerns with simulating a project this size was managing thousands of building models, keeping them detailed, while not overwhelming our systems with data. To meet this challenge, Maraizon used instancing systems which allowed us to globally update buildings based on client feedback.

For close-up sequences, Maraizon added value by creating fine detail such as detritus, vehicles and soldiers, placed and animated in a realistic fashion throughout the site. To add drama to the final presentation, Maraizon added a rousing musical score which we adapted to match the length and pace of the video.

Allan Brochier, AIA, Vice-President of Onyx's Oakland office, commented:

'The video is awesome! The full effect is captivating to say the least. There is a 'heart-beat' sound in there that I never picked up on. Of course the whole animation and special features are great!! Thanks for your efforts to deliver a superb product.'

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