I have become fascinated by the broadcasts on the short wave radio and I've been recording some of what I'm hearing. One thing in particular that has caught my attention are the mysterious number stations that broadcast at random times and transmit only a string of numbers. The thought is that these are spy stations broadcasting code. At any rate, I recorded this a few nights ago (it's actually Radio Havana, sometimes they slip up and broadcast something that confirms where it's coming from), and decided to have some fun with it. The first few seconds are the unaltered broadcast, everything else has been changed to amuse the producer.

Video details: Two short clips shot at our local fireman's jamboree were used. The clip of the old carousel lights is unedited,and sets the rhythm . The plastic animal clip was added as shot. The same clip was added again on another track and adjusted for length and opacity. This clip is not synchronized with the first clip. I wanted to produce a shadow like effect. I did this four times, changing the size and placement to produce a spooky dreamlike effect.

Soundtrack: The soundtrack is a short clip I recorded from a short wave radio broadcast. This is about as open source as you can get, no person or government holds a copyright, In fact no one will even confirm this exists. If you would like to hear more of these,The Conet Project just released a five disc set of similar radio captures.They also won a court battle with the musical group Wilco, because part of the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album came from what Conet recorded and published on another set of CD's.
The first few seconds of the soundtrack is the unedited capture. A tone, a string of five numbers and the tone again. The remainder of the soundtrack are the spoken numbers arranged to produce what I think is a rhythmic sound that complements the visual track. The editing was done in GarageBand, when I had the track the way I wanted it, I added echo, and reverb. Then I edited the track again with the vocal transformer effect. I re-recorded the track while I varied the sound by playing with the pitch slider, making each number sound and feel different.The final step was to partially reverse the track. The fist few seconds are unedited, the remaining track is played in reverse.

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