In July 2013 Coaster Touring visited Zhuhai as part of a tour of Southern China with the European Coaster Club. With some time spare one afternoon, we visited an alpine coaster owned by the Zhuhai Sanxin Cableway Company.

The trip up the mountain on a chair lift was pleasant with great views out over Zhuhais beaches. But there the fun ended. The operation of the Alpine Coaster was dreadful. We were forced to have 2 people in every cart, and were forced to go in a train with each cart having to be toching the one in front. At the front was a ride operator controlling the speed of the group, and that speed was teadiously slow. What is worse is that by going so slow into the station, and being forced into a train the cars were being held on a steep banked curce while toerh riders disembarked, the banking was enough for us to be on the verge of falling out of the carts.

Alpine Coaster are perfectly safe to be run at a proper speed set by the rider. They have upstop wheels to prevent them coming off the track. And they have a cluthc which prevents them from going above a set speed. There is no need to run this in a train, and certainly no need at all for it to go so slow.

This makes it the most Boring Alpine Coaster in the World.

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