Here's Part Two of the RODE SmartLav Road-Test.

I once again push and challenge the RODE SmartLav by taking it out of the studio. This time I took it outside where the wind conditions would challenge any microphone.

I shot this video with my Canon C300 and used the RODE Video Mic Pro as reference audio to sync up in post.

I have to mention that the quality of the RODE Video Mic Pro in these windy conditions was very good and made for very useable audio should something had gone wrong with the second source.

Learning from the first RODE Test, I did take the time to correctly attach the RODE SmartLav to my shirt.

I wrapped the sides of the capsule with moleskin and did take down the cable to reduce handling noise.

I used RODE's iPhone App to capture the audio and made sure to stay in the default settings. I stayed in the default settings because the first time that I tried it, I used the "outside reduce noise" app settings and quickly discovered that my words were being cut off making the audio unusable.

You can be the judge and determine how well this $60 lavaliere microphone performed under these windy conditions.

IMHO -- This microphone is a real contender and should be considered as a professional level lavaliere microphone.

The audio file that is captured is of high quality, which could be enhanced in post, should you need to.

I however did not make any changes as I feel that this is a real world example of how just about everyone can affordably increase the production value for their video content.

I hope that you found this video helpful.

If you like it please give it a thumbs up...and if you did not like it please give it a thumbs down.

Also, if you have any comments that could help all of us improve the audio production in our videos please post them so that we can all continue to learn together.

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