This is a first demonstration of our revised optical anti-aliasing filter design, for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

The results of our first prototype optical design for this filter were posted in place here last month. While that first design was extremely effective at preventing aliasing and moire in the BMCC, it also had the effect of softening the camera's video to a noticeable degree.

In this current design, we've now corrected this issue: The filter remains highly effective at reducing aliasing and moire, but does not significantly soften the BMCC's video or reduce its effective resolution.

We'll present a wider gamut of performance examples as soon as possible; we'll also be moving this current design into production ASAP as well!

The source material for this video was recorded in the BMCC's ProRes 4:2:2 "video" mode. The color curves of the two segments presented were tweaked slightly on account of the highly variable lighting on this partly-cloudy day; apart from this they have not been subjected to any additional postprocessing or enhancement.

Thanks for watching!

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