QIAM is…
1. Elegant, simple, sexy, and fierce.
2. Unisex and gender ambivalent.
3. An expression of queer identity and a way to take up space.
4. Handmade to honor individual bodies and experiences.
5. An alternative to fast fashion outlets in an effort to subvert the industry, which is inherently capitalistic, colonialist, binary-based, and often comes at the expense of underpaid and exploited workers all over Asia.
6. Dedicated to the unnamed seamstress in the Philippines who raised me from ages 1-5 while my biological mother worked as a nurse in Saudi Arabia.
7. a way to take back the basic need to be clothed, and imbue it with intentionality.
8. A project powered by community interest, support, and love
9. Funded in part by the Chances Dances Mark Aguhar Memorial Grant.
10. A gift to me, by me, and for you.

LEX·IC·A is a celebration of the ways in which we communicate with one another and the knowledge we share in this process. It seeks to explore the myriad of complex and beautiful ways we share, play, love, suffer and honor one another through performance work and strive to cultivate community. LEX·IC·A is an inclusive event for anyone interested in procuring dialogue and discourse through performance. Take risks, challenge norms, resist and thrive!

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