1. By the mount
2. And [by] a Book inscribed
3. In parchment spread open
4. And [by] the frequented House
5. And [by] the heaven raised high
6. And [by] the sea filled [with fire],
7. Indeed, the punishment of your Lord will occur.
8. Of it there is no preventer.
9. On the Day the heaven will sway with circular motion
10. And the mountains will pass on, departing -
11. Then woe, that Day, to the deniers,
12. Who are in [empty] discourse amusing themselves.

Regarding Mistakes - kasratain, fathatain, and dammatain do not display correctly. Follow the shaikh when in doubt as the recitation is correct. please tell me if you find more. jazakallah khairan!

الله أعلم
Allah knows best!

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